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Nominations Open for the Stephen G. Reyes Memorial Award for Insect Systematics

The Stephen G. Reyes Memorial Award (SGRMA) for Insect Systematics was established as a way to remember and pay tribute to Dr. Reves for all of his hard work and devotion to the discipline of Systematics. He was a former Director of the UPLB Museum of Natural History in addition to his role as a…
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Call for Nominations: 2023 Leopoldo B. Uichanco Outstanding Entomologist Award

Dr. Leopoldo B. Uichanco was a pioneer in the subject of entomology, since he was the first Filipino professor in the field and the first Filipino to acquire a Master of Science in the field from the Department of Entomology at the College of Agriculture. From 1923 until 1956, he was in the department’s leadership…
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The Feliciano B. Calora Outstanding Entomologist Award The Philippine Association of Entomologists, Inc. wishes to continue recognizing its outstanding members in all fields of endeavor and to continue the tradition of excellence in the field of entomology that began more than 100 years ago in its mother institution, the old Department of Entomology, UPLB. PAE…
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