History of the Philippine Association of Entomologists Inc.

History of the Philippine Association of Entomologists Inc.

As mentioned earlier, the Philippine Association of Entomologists, Inc. (PAE) was founded in 1962. It was the first professional entomological society established in the Philippines. At that time, it was called the Philippine Entomological Society (PES). There were 35 charter members. These members accepted the invitation for the organizational meeting of the Society, which was held on July 22, 1962, at the Aristocrat Restaurant, Dewey (now Roxas) Boulevard, Manila. Dr. Silverio Cendana was elected as the founding president of the Society.

No activities were undertaken during the five years that followed, and Prof. Leo C. Rimando said that is was the dormancy period of the Society. To be exact, he described the period as “dormant we all have been since 1962. That was five years ago and quite a long time to gather enough strength to deliver that big blow of emergence”. This “big blow” of energy was gathered and in 1967, PAE was recognized and the first national meeting was held at the Department of Entomology, UPLB, College, Laguna on 12 August 1967. Attended by some of its 35 original charter members, almost all the 85 full members and 19 student members, a luncheon meeting was held at the International House, UPLB, courtesy of MAPECON to ratify the proposed Constitution, elect the officers and plan the activities for the coming year. 

On that same year, another national organization of entomology, The Entomological Society of the Philippines (ESP), was formed, mainly by entomologists whose workplaces were in the Greater Manila area. This was the first entomological society to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This society, according to the late Dr. Bernardo P. Gabriel “had been inactive for a long time” and no activities were pursued by its members. 

With the establishment of the second society, PES eventually had to change its name to the Philippine Association of Entomologists. In the year that followed, PAE was incorporated and formally registered with the SEC on March 11, 1968. The incorporators were Feliciano B. Calora, Benjamin L. Cariaso, Silverio M. Cendaña, Bernardo P. Gabriel, Leo C. Rimando, Fernando F. Sanchez and Vicente L. Saplala. The Executive Board in 1968 consisted of the seven incorporators plus Gonzalo O. Catan Jr., Santiago G. Llana, Mano D. Pathak and Romulo P. Quemado. Since then, the society had been named the Philippine Association of Entomologists, Inc. In April 1968, the PAE published the maiden issue of the Philippine Entomologist, the first and most widely circulated entomology journal in the Philippines.

The Society/Association continued to flourish, with more members joining each year. Thus, from its 35 original members in 1962 to 76 in 1967, membership has grown to more than 500 at present.

PAE’s major activities include the Annual Scientific Meetings conducted during the Annual Conferences of the Pest Management Council of the Philippines – a federation of professional societies concerned with pest management, which include the PAE, the Philippine Phytopathological Society, the Weed Sciences Society of the Philippines, Crop Protection Association of the Philippines and the Pest Control Association of the Philippines. The PAE also conducts training in pest management and pre-accreditation workshops for pest control operators, pesticide handlers, and applicators. Its members serve as consultants to various government and private agencies. The Association also provides expert advice and opinions to the executive and legislative branches of government on matters affecting agricultural productivity and the entomology profession.  

In the past, the Association also sponsored jointly with the Phi sigma Honor Society for the Biological Sciences and with the cooperation of the National Research Council of the Philippines and Philippine Council for Agriculture and Resources Research, the Leopoldo B. Uichanco Memorial Lecture Series from February 3-25, 1978. There were also the Silverio M. Cendaña Lecture Series from August to November 1979 and the 20th Anniversary Symposium in 1982. 

The PAE regularly publishes in April and October the only refereed scientific journal of entomology in the Philippines – The Philippine Entomologist. Kulisap (formerly known as the PAE bulletin) which mainly serves now as an internal newsletter, is also published by the Association and distributed to members free of charge. Other publications in the past include the only issue of the Monograph, pest information bulletins, and training manuals in pest management. Annually, the PAE also gives recognition to outstanding entomologists through the L. B. Uichanco Memorial Award and to outstanding undergraduate student research through the PAE Best Undergraduate Thesis Award. During special anniversary years, the Association also gives special awards to members and other individuals who have rendered meritorious services to the PAE.