Nominations Open for the Stephen G. Reyes Memorial Award for Insect Systematics

Nominations Open for the Stephen G. Reyes Memorial Award for Insect Systematics

The Stephen G. Reyes Memorial Award (SGRMA) for Insect Systematics was established as a way to remember and pay tribute to Dr. Reves for all of his hard work and devotion to the discipline of Systematics. He was a former Director of the UPLB Museum of Natural History in addition to his role as a Professor of Entomology at what is now known as the Institute of Weed Science, Entomology, and Plant Pathology at the University of the Philippines Los Banos (formerly known as the Department of Entomology). His research on the classification of bees and wasps led to the publishing of a great deal of research.

Call for Nomination

Students who are currently working on Insect Systematics will be encouraged to strive for excellence by this prize. This prize will be presented to the student who has produced the best publication in the field of insect systematics.
Nominations will be called annually before the next PMCP Conference through the PAE. The requirements for eligibility for the Best Publication Award should be met.

Submission of Entries

Your submissions should be sent to until April 28, 2023.

Eligibility and Nomination Process

  1. All BS, MSc, and PhD students who have published their thesis or dissertation from 2021-2023 in Insect Systematics
  2. Publication should be a product of their thesis or dissertation from 2021-2023
  3. The student must have already graduated within 2021-2023
  4. Article(s) must be in the field of Insect Systematics and published in a peer-reviewed journal
  5. The student must be the senior author of the publication
  6. Anyone can nominate; hence, self-nomination is also accepted
  7. The SGRMA Committee Members are responsible in checking the eligibility of the nominations and inform the nominees regarding their eligibility

Award Criteria

The Committee will rate the quality of the nominated articles based on the following criteria:

  1. Problem should be clearly stated
  2. Methodology and research design
  3. Appropriateness and interpretation of results 20
  4. Discussion and critical view of the author
  5. Overall quality

Award Scientific Committee and Criteria

The Evaluation Committee is comprised of 5 independent voting members. They are responsible in rating the quality of all nominated articles according to the criteria nd review procedure.

Winner of the Award

  1. Publication with the highest mean evaluation from the five independent members of the committee.
  2. The awardee will receive Php 12,000 cash sponsored by Dr. Cecilia P. Reyes and a plaque from the Philippine Association of Entomologists, Inc.

Review Process

Officers and members with conflict of interest will inhibit themselves from screening the publications. Screening will be done in two phases:

  1. Mean ratings will be calculated by the evaluators. Three articles with the highest ratings or scores will be nominated for the second phase of the screening process.
  2. These papers will be evaluated, one of which will be determined as the best publication and thus declared as the recipient of the award.